At Command Center® we supply quality labor and we care enough to consistently place the right candidates in the right jobs. We have more than 50 locally-managed branches throughout the United States that serve as trusted partners to businesses and job seekers alike. Clients, representing a variety of industries, trust us to learn their business and to plan ahead to address their dynamic staffing needs. Job seekers trust us to understand their complete employment picture and place them in on-demand, temporary, temp-to-hire, or permanent placement positions where they can grow, thrive, and provide immediate value.

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Attention: Command Center has been made aware that certain checks are being mailed to peoples’ home addresses after responding to advertisements to work from home in the data entry field. Please be aware these checks are forged documents and are not valid checks to be cashed for money. The data entry job advertisements are not posted by or in any way related to Command Center. If you receive one of these checks, please contact Command Center at 866-464-5844 to notify us of this fraudulent and criminal activity.